A Step further in Hygiene!

ThermoCare units, achieving Thermal disinfection, exceed the hygienic standard guaranteed by all Comenda machines (sanification) and
support operators in the hotel segment and the care sector providing the highest level of infection control and hygiene standards.





High temperatures
Prolonged contact times

A significant reduction of the microbial load!

10 times more efficient!

Combining high temperatures and prolonged contact times, the 4 ThermoCare dedicated programs guarantee A0 hygiene levels from a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 300, for the highest levels of safety, flexibility, extreme and "out of the ordinary" hygiene.

The A0 hygiene level guaranteed by the ThermoCare units is 10 times higher then the standard!

The ThermoCare units feature a dedicated Thermo Label Test programm, granting a high level of thermal disinfection (A0=300) in only 180 sec. It also meets the requirements of the Thermolabel test, by reaching the temperature of 71°C on the plate surface.

In Krankenhäusern und Pflegeheimen hat Hygiene die höchste Priorität.

TF45 R und TF45 R DR sind kompakt und leistungsstark: die ideale Lösung für Krankenstationen.

TC10 R eignet sich auch perfekt für Bars, Restaurants und Lebensmittelgeschäfte in Krankenhäusern.

Comenda TF45 R DR features a dedicated programm (Extra Care), granting a high level of thermal disinfection (A0=300). The double rack execution optimizes the whole washing area capacity by cleaning two racks per cycle, with the same sparkling results!

TF45 R DR is the ideal solution for child care & care homes.

As well as accomodation facilites, airport lounges, railway stations and bars inside museums, stadiums and other venues in both private and public areas welcome tourists and visitors from all over the world. For this reason, it is essential to guarantee full sanitization of all the tableware used.

The four thermal disinfection cycles of the Comenda ThermoCare units guarantee A0 hygiene values from a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 300: the highest standard in the industry.


A0 concept is used in Life Science to assess the inactivation/killing capacity of microorganisms through moist heat.

The thermal energy used during Thermal Disinfection is measured through a mathematical formula. A process strictly related to high temperatures and prolonged contact times during a given wash program.

Maximum Flexibility

You can choose among three different models with different clearances to wash crockery & cutlery no matter of their shape and size (GN 2/1 too!)

While ordering your model, you can define the total machine installed load and capacity more suited to your needs while ensuring the same high A0 hygiene levels from 60 to 300!

Undercounter units

Undercounter units

ThermoCare undercounter units feature 4 dedicated programms granting A0 hygiene levels from a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 300 and a capacity of 20 racks/h (40 racks/h for the double rack execution).

Hood-type units

TC10 R hood type unit feature a 440 mm clearance, allowing to wash even the most bulky items, and a high capacity (20 rack/h). The four dedicated programs guarantee the highest level of thermal disinfection and maximum hygiene.

Discover how TC10 R integrates in your kitchen!

Hood-type units

Control Panel

Simple. Intuitive. Universal. Solid.

Intuitive operation

Intuitive operation

Developed to withstand high temperatures, the intuitive and user-friendly control panel features clear cycle monitoring, colour-coded status indicators as well as 4 different programmes.

Thermal disinfection

Thermal disinfection

XPRESS CARE: the Xpress Care is designed to reduce washing time and energy consumption, while maintaing the same level of thermal disinfection as the Care program (A0= 60).

CARE: it offers twice the hygiene result compared to a standard program. The A0=60 hygiene value guarantees and appropriate level of disinfection of the dishware.

EXTRA CARE: it meets the most stringent hygiene requirements in terms of Thermal disinfection. it guarantees a very high level of disinfection (A0=300), even in the presence of the most stubborn dirt, achieving a result that is 5 times higher than the Care and Xpres Care programmes.

THERMOLABEL: While maintaing the high level of thermal disinfection of an Extra Care program (A0=300), this program has a shorter duration. It also meets the requirements of the Thermolabel test, by reaching a temperature of 71°C on the plate surface.

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