We start with this singular goal in mind: there is a perfect washing system for your operation. From there, we design and implement a solution expressly for you.


What's your issue?

  • Time
  • Space
  • Staff
  • Volume
In depth

Solve every cleaning challenge

We are Problem Solvers

We're a partner for every client and it's our mission to offer support at every step of the process.

We help you to reduce water and energy consumption, harness the power of automation and use your space wisely.

An innovative layout that encourages guests to sort their own tray while also educating users about balanced consumption and proper waste management practices. Empty trays are automatically loaded onto the washer.

Designed specifically for operations that manage a large number of daily covers, the configuration includes a glasswasher, dishwasher, and tray and cutlery washer to guarantee the best cleaning results for every type of dirt.

For high meal volume operations, this solution features automatic tray and cutlery loading to better direct staff resources. Ergonomically designed at 900mm high, the lowered entry section guarantees more comfortable working conditions.

To manage intense workloads, the Comenda automatic carousel machine can easily accommodate more operators to handle the continuous loading that's required during peak times.


Ergonomics are essential to creating a more comfortable work environment for your frontline staff. Proper heights, space to manoeuvre and logical organization all promote an economy of effort that benefits staff and ultimately helps to ensure your clients are better served.

Signature flexibility

Our systems and configurations adapt to any type of space while maintaining excellent washing results and accommodating high volumes of covers.



Our corner loading and unloading solutions are designed to fit the smallest of spaces. In addition to our 90° rack conveyor machines we have 90° corners and 180° curves which can accommodate inlet and outlet options.


Even when soiled crockery returns to the washing area from various rooms and different levels, Comenda's system manages the logistics with speed and certainty.


Economy of motion

We design for ease of movement in busy washing areas to improve operational efficiency and promote safety while minimizing the risks associated with manual handling.

Scrapping Tables

Scrapping Tables

Our DHM Supplementary Prewash allows for a single person to comfortably manage the sorting area. It reduces water consumption and allows the operator to concentrate solely on preparing the racks while eliminating the most tiring and repetitive movements.

Waste Management

Waste Management

Better management of organic waste directly impacts your overall operation. Comenda offers a range of integrated and stand-alone solutions that are reliable, compact, technologically advanced and that can reduce waste volumes by up to 80%.

Planning to Create or Reorganize Your Washing Area?

A better designed washing system and workflow will positively influence your entire operation, both functionally and financially. We are happy to advise you on how to make the most of your space and operation.

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The Spirit of Excellence

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