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COVID-19 today and many other diseases that have affected humanity in the recent past have one and only prevention tool in common: HYGIENE.

At Comenda we have been designing and manufacturing professional dishwashers since 196, with a single goal in mind: guaranteeing the maximum hygiene. “Hygiene” and “Safety” are our DNA and have been simply our core objective for almost sixty years.

Uncompromised hygiene and safety

Comenda high efficiency solutions ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene in respect of the environment.

The perfect sanitization of crockery and cutlery in 5 steps, in compliance with current regulations:

  1. High wash (50 °C to 60° C) and rinse (85°C) temperatures, with contact times in compliance with the DIN10534 standard, guarantee the highest levels of hygiene, preventing cross-contamination and viral infections. The use of chlorine-based detergents and pH values in the 10 to 11.5 range, depending on machine model and type of crockery, is recommended by leading detergent companies.

  1. The constructive details of our units, along with Comenda colour coding solution to ease cleaning operations and the option of adding external filtration and soil removal systems, avoid accumulation of dirt inside the machine and guarantee perfectly hygienic washing result.

  1. At Comenda each single piece of equipment undergoes testing before shipment, to ensure it runs at its optimum capacity.

  1. Comenda water treatment solutions and our wide range of racks and accessories grant thorough cleaning reducing manipulation.

  1. The documentary material and training sessions that we provide to our customers and partners allow staff to operate Comenda dishwashers properly, so that the entire washing process, from loading to unloading, handling and storage, takes place in full compliance with the procedures, guaranteeing the most correct hygiene standards and avoid viral infections.

We exceed the standard!

Thermolabel Test execution for the hotel segment and inflight catering. A significant increase in the temperatures of each single machine zone makes it possible to reach 71 ° C on the plate surface.

We provide care sector operators with machines in Thermo-disinfection execution: a combination of higher temperatures and prolonged cycles duration allows to obtain even higher results in terms of reducing the microbial load, in full compliance with international and regional standards.

Special is our standard.

Can we do more? Always. Because our priority is to be at your side. We are proud to share our know-how and offer bespoke solutions meeting your needs as well as the highest hygiene standards.


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