Functional, durable, reliable and adaptable, the Hi-Line always delivers great performance.
And results, because the final word on a great clean should be clear.


Control Panel

Power at your fingertips with the intuitive design of our control panel. Cycle monitoring, colour-coded status indicators and five different programming options keeps functions simple and your operations moving. The five cycles include: Fast, Glasses, Dishes, Intensive and Eco2.

Soft start

Cycle begins slowly and gradually builds to prevent dislodging of dishes and breakage.

Automatic standby mode

Activates during pauses to reduce energy consumption.






Customization Required?

Each unit can be easily configured by a trained Comenda technician to grant excellent cleaning results on the base of the specific items to be washed with the possibility of manually adjust the preset programs as per specific temperature, chemicals dosage and cycle length requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Advanced design that promotes efficiencies and conserves resources improves your bottom line with features like these:

Wris2+ Wash and rinse integrated system

With its double water blade design, the WRIS2+ reduces water consumption by up to 25% while maintaining excellent washing results.

Heat Recovery system

This system uses heat already generated to warm incoming water to reduce energy requirements and costs. It also lowers chemical and detergent requirements, and allows for a cold water connection.
In addition, it minimizes the steam released to promote a more comfortable work environment


Our work with hospitals, health organizations and food service operators around the world contributes to our exceptional hygiene standards.
That has also helped inform the design of leading hygiene features on our equipment.

Rinse Control Device (RCD)

Only available on some Hi-Line models, it combines an atmospheric boiler and rinse booster pump to help maintain consistent pressure at a constant temperature throughout the cycle.

Triple Filtration System

A system designed to continually capture and remove particulate matter with no need for draining down the tank during the cycle.

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The Spirit of Excellence

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